Oddball Mini Mobile Art Machine at Cook’s Sweet Boutique in Elgin

There are certain things that make me feel like we are finally going to be getting back to ‘normal’. A big one happened this month. Jennifer at Cook’s Sweet Boutique contacted me and asked if she could host one of the Mobile Art Machines. She said things were starting to pick up and thought it would be fun to have artwork by local artists available in her shop.

Luckily, I had just received some delightful new blocks. Too many to fit in just the machine at Side Street’s MADE gallery, so I arranged a drop off date for the machine, May 29, 2021. Perfect weather, people walking around downtown Elgin, restaurants open, shops open…Jennifer was even talking with a future customer about having the ice cream truck at their wedding this Summer. So many things to be happy about.

So while life is getting back to normal, we are doing what we can to insure there is always some delightful strangeness in the form of Oddball Art…because for us, Oddball is normal. 🙂