Stronger Together | new mural by Pam Seatter

Stronger Together, Pam Seatter’s new mural unveiled in Elgin

The Courier News has posted several wonderful articles about the two new works of public art in downtown Elgin. We’re so proud of our own Pam Seatter for her new mural ‘Stronger Together’ which is inspired by the Women’s March and #metoo movement. Read the full article. (Photo by Gloria Casas/Courier-News)

Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders

What the Heck is Lowbrow Art?

The next Oddball Art Labs group show is titled “Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders” and it’s probably the most open ended theme for a gallery show we’ve ever arranged. The basic theme is Lowbrow Art.

Jim Nelson Robot Spot

The Robot Spot

Longtime Oddball Art Labs ally Jim Nelson has an amazing running blog of robot drawings. You owe it to yourself to check it out. The Robot Spot by Jim Nelson