Who Are The Oddballs

Oddball Directors

horatios hypnotic hallucinations

Bruce Bachelder

Chicago, IL

Bruce is compelled to use patterns and shapes in surprising ways.


Acrylic paints, inks, and found objects

dave metzger

David Metzger

Elgin, IL

Educational toy designer by day. Wickedly whimsical artist by night.


Digital, Acrylic

ken simonsen jellywish

Ken Simonsen

Elgin, IL

I am a freelance illustrator/graphic designer and the owner of Psymonsen Studios in Elgin, IL.


Airbrush acrylic on canvas and sculpture

erratic cephalopod

Mike Rende

Elgin, IL

I always strive to add a bit of playfulness to my art.


Acrylic, watercolor, sculpture

kimberly wildner white waves

Kimberly Wildner

Elgin, IL

Kim says we can’t see her photos until we all grow up a bit more.


Photography and acrylic paints

Oddball Members

nosferatu 1922 lance doc boucher

Lance DOC Boucher

Marengo, IL

I have self-published some small press comics Started Spiral Artwerks in 2013 and started doing illos of pop-culture icons related to sci-fi, horror, serials TV and movies.


Pen and ink, acrylics, watercolor

david bremer

David Bremer

Des Plaines, IL

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2014 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Art & Design.


Clay, acrylic paints, colored pencils & markers

alisa duda

Alisa the Artist

Alisa Duda
Rolling Meadows, IL

Ideas for paintings pop into my head at random moments and brew until I find time to birth them into reality. More and more, I surprise myself with the result and seeing progress makes me very happy.


Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Collages, Sticks and Rocks, Origami, and Clay

aqua chakras

Barbara Grant


I love making art. It hasn’t always been my full-time career, but it has been without fail my therapist. It’s where I go with my sorrow to find solace. But it is also where I can be inventive and fun.


Watercolor, charcoal, ink, oil, acrylic

doug hanson

Doug Hanson

Hoffman Estates, IL

Doug is an artist focused on process and imagery expressing our experience with nature, society, and self. He exhibits, teaches, and collaborates locally and abroad.


Photography: Film, Digital, Wet Plate, Alt Processes.
Also, 3D Printing, Fire, Lighting, Oils

sam the jam

Sam the Jam

Samantha McDonald
Grayslake, IL

I work with a wide variety of mediums from oil, acrylic, clay, watercolor to costume and prop making. My work is highly inspired by the ocean and nature.


Oil, acrylic, watercolor painting, sketches, polymer clay, props, costumes

cauliflower head chris palm

Chris Palm

Elgin, IL

I am a graduate of NIU with a BFA in illustration. My inspirations run the gamut from Albrecht Durer to Robert Crumb to Chuck Jones cartoons. I am a life long Elgin resident and couldn’t be happier.


Playing around with Pen and Ink and Pen and Ink & White Prismacolor on toned paper

Pamela Seatter Breakthrough

Pamela Seatter

Chicago, IL

When I’m not art directing children’s books, I’m draw, painting, and creating murals! I love figurative as well as abstract painting using a variety of mediums.


Oil, Acrylic, Digital, and Mixed