Oddity Evening! at the Elgin Public Museum

Join us at Elgin Public Museum as they showcase some of the more unusual artifacts in their Collection, and the sometimes-odder stories behind them. What was the truth of their legendary (but no longer existing) Two-Headed Calf? How did they end up with the bird collection of a notorious 20th century murderer? What the heck is a Tully Monster? How did an extinct Giant Irish Deer skull and antlers wind up in Elgin, IL? And much more!

PLUS!: A new art exhibit from Oddball Art Labs, that will run through summer!

Admission is $5 adults, $3 kids 3-12, Seniors 60+, and museum members. This is a family-friendly event; nothing TOO far over the line of weird, but fascinating fun.

The event and gallery show opening is:
Friday, May 5, 2023 : 6pm – 9pm

Elgin Public Museum
225 Grand Boulevard
Elgin, IL 60120