Mobile Art Machine at Danny’s on Douglas

The Oddball Art Labs Mobile Art Machine moves over to Danny’s on Douglas for the month of June!

But wait, you’re asking yourself, wasn’t the machine already at Danny’s just a couple of months ago? Yes, the machine did spend part of the month of February 2019 at Danny’s, but they didn’t get it for a full month. The week we planned to move it was the sub-sub zero weather and we did not feel it was safe to push the machine across the city when the windchill brought the temperatures to the point where frostbite could happen in a matter of minutes. While we love spreading art to anyone who is interested…its hard to paint when you’re missing a few fingers. We may be ‘Odd’, but we’re not stupid. So it stayed at the Martini Room longer than had been originally planned.

The machine now returns to Danny’s, so it can spend a full month there this time. Please stop by and grab pocket sized original art from local artists for just $5 each!