Alisa Duda’s Clouds and Apparitions

Alisa Duda has two new sets of blocks in the machine (because she just can’t help herself). She’s calling this batch ‘Clouds and Apparitions’.

The ten ‘Cloud’ blocks are delightful cloud paintings with a gird a orange squares added because she said it made the compositions more interesting.

Then there are the ‘Apparitions’ blocks…pages clipped from magazines to which she has then added whimsical or creepy abstract figures. They’re awesome enough with just that, but she then painted on both sides of the block, so you get two apparitions for the price of one.

Alisa Duda Clouds and Apparitions backs

These blocks are shuffled together into a new channel of the Mobile Art Machine. Pick up one today for only $5 each. You’ll be thrilled with whichever one you get.

You can see more of Alisa’s work at