can lowbrow survive

Robert Williams’ Lowbrow Art –Can It Survive Museum Culture?

Now that Robert Williams has been included in the Whitney Biennial (in 2010), is his art tame and no longer vital? Has it been domesticated and commodified now that his art is on tennis shoes and sells out at the Shafrazi gallery? Here is a look at the work of Robert Williams’ art in the context of museum and gallery culture.

Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders

What the Heck is Lowbrow Art?

The next Oddball Art Labs group show is titled “Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders” and it’s probably the most open ended theme for a gallery show we’ve ever arranged. The basic theme is Lowbrow Art.

Oddball Art Labs Art Drop packs

First Art Drop test written up in the Tribune/Courier News

We recently decided to try something new. We created fifteen Art Pack that each contained an Original art print by a local artist and coupons to local businesses. A few businesses even gave us limited numbers of special rewards such as Elgin Public House gift certificates and Side Street Stdio Arts Small Wonders scholarships. It … Read more


See you next year

The gallery is cleaned up. Thank you everyone who joined us for “Robots”. See you in July 2018 for our next show… “Strange Imaginations and Other Perplexing Wonders”

robot building for beginners

Humble Book Bundle – Lego Mindstorms and Robotics

Hey! Humble Bundle just launched a Lego Mindstorms and Robotics book bundle. Pay what you want to some great titles on robotics and surprise the evil mad scientists in your life. Plus an amount you choose goes to the Wikimedia Foundation. Get the Bundle